About Us

A team dedicated to improving daily life with creative notions. swiftcam.com is a privately held company based in Hong Kong.The SwiftCam team is engaged in the development of our daily life through creative ideas and inventions. Based on the philosophy of the SwiftCam team, “To Change”, from enthusiasm of making something different for improvement, we have recruited talented engineers and designers worldwide for developing the coolest products and services for fulfilling your dreams and imaginations.

Advances in micro electronics, battery technology and light-weight materials, meant that what had previously been an expensive and complex product can now be brought to life in a totally more fancy and convenient way but with a reasonable price.This is what drives the SwiftCam team moving and growing to what we have never dreamed we could be.

With more than a decade of experience in electronics, engineering, and product design, SwiftCam team always listens to what our customers need and gathers all those valuable creative ideas that as a result comes up with the leading edge products to assure the best quality provided and purchasing experience received.